Sunday, September 6

Neighborday Weekend

Ok, These Days we're three days deep into the four day weekend and we're already shook from so many things. My body hates me, mostly from my steady diet of Blue Raspberry Frooties.

First things first on thursday Dean's woman Lauren showed up without really understanding what goes on here in Marquette. The minute she walked in with her little jumper they booted her into activity by a cliff boosting adventure to HighFalls. Dean and Paul manned up and finally checked the 55 ftr off the list.

Later that day Spring Break Liz gave the consent that she's ready to come back to Marquette. After a perfect Rice Paddy dinner, we headed over to Mike Foresters for a little MarioCart and PowerHour.
We also got to see a little bit of the future through Mike's Mac. Looking good for 2011!
The party partners came through like champs, dean tried to bring home the cup, but it fell and shattered everywhere.

Friday, while Everyone went to Little Presque Isle Liz and I both tagged along for a shnorklin' set. We both thought a quick dive would be enough, but about an hour of swimming, and a three mile adventure we ended up lapping the island. Later that day i stopped in to say what up at the Karners campsite. The crew was in party mode, lets just say that. Brit Brit told stories with the gallon wine jug in hand, i had a phone conversation with about 10 other people at the same time. They road away in a golden carriage.. but really a 12 dollar party bus.

While we were at Brohio House, Kelly stomp a 360 flip to see if he should jerk or not. meanwhile Dean ate shit on a kickflip. Heres Kelly's reaction.

Kelly is.. the winner.
Spring Break Liz party partner!

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